Javadoc Builder

The javadoc builder is an integrated code generation framework for eclipse. It is strongly inspired in XDoclet 2 (aiming at being compatible in a near future). The javadoc builder currently relies on qdox (the xdoclet 2 javadoc parser) and jakarta velocity as template engine.


Note: migrating from 1.6 to 1.7 requires to enable each builder manually in project property page, since builders can be individually activated since 1.7

This plugin is targeting the 3.0 release of eclipse (Currently build and tested on M8). It is currently being developed and tested on the M8 release. Compatibility with 2.x series is not on the main development road at this moment. Contact me if you really need it and you are willing to do the job.

Option 1 Go to help -> software updates -> find and install. Click on search new features to install, and next. Then use add update site, name it Javdocbuilder (or whatever you want) and set the url to

Option 2 download from here the zip file and install it manually.


Some of the main features of the javadoc builder are:

Help topics

These are links to some topics of the online documentation. The most updated documentation will probably be on CVS on the ..javadocbuilder.doc plugin.

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting started
  3. Concepts
  4. Tasks
  5. Reference
  6. License
  7. About

About versions

This plugin uses the version schema M.m.r with the following semantics

Mayor (M) indicates important changes that will be seen by the user and may require additional work (typically configuration) to migrate from a previous release. Even mayor revisions are stable revisions, while odd mayor revisions are development versions.

Minor (m) indicate changes that are to be seen by the user and may include additional functionallity

Revisions (r) indicate minor changes, mostly bug fix releases.

Release notes

NOTE: This website is updated daily from CVS, so the contents will probably refer to features which are being worked (or are already implemented) in the CVS version. Logo